Our recent 10-day solidarity visit in Chiapas

Here is an article from the Prairie Messenger, written by Archbishop-emeritus Sylvain Lavoie, about our recent 10-day solidarity visit in Chiapas, Mexico.


The trip was co-organized by Michel Andraos of the Catholic Theological Union at Chicago, Jorge S. Santiago of the Museo jTatic Samuel Council in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, and Anne-Marie Jackson of the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice.

On Care for our Common Home

“ We fail to see that some are mired in desperate and degrading poverty, with no way out, while others have not the faintest idea of what to do with their possessions, vainly showing off their supposed superiority and leaving behind them so much waste which, if it were the case everywhere, would destroy the planet.

Laudato Si'
On Care for our Common Home

The Jesuit Forum welcomes the new encyclical from Pope Francis which is informative and challenging, but also full of hope. We are delighted to note that our resource, Living with limits, living well! complements well the ideas and scope of Laudato si’, On care for our common home. Our workbook offers stories, pictures, cartoons and other resources to help groups deepen their understanding of many of the issues raised in the encyclical.

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